BFG Motion Control Rig rentals...

A Motion Control Rig built for portability and flexibility.

Designed with modular principles for the real world. Equally at home in a studio, on location and tight interiors.  Precision robotics gearboxes and low noise stepping motors provide excellent precision and reliability. 

BFG Long Arm Rig

Rig shown with long arm.  For rental enquiries please check contact page.

Download PDF spec sheet.

Various works made with BFG motion control :

WESTERN POWER - TVC : Made by Sandbox Perth - extended dolly move shot in two parts.

UBER - Online TVC : Multiple passes over 2 days of shooting - Dir Darcie Prendergast   Prod. Oh Yeah Wow

POWERADE - TVC : Made by Illoura Melbourne - replication of football player using BFG rig.

SALVOS - TVC : Making of, showing BFG rig in action...

RED SHIELD APPEAL- TVC : Finished TVC for Salvos with main character morphed as he ages.

ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI - Cute Music Video : Tracking shot synced to music track - Compositing/Direction Andrew Goldsmith.  Oh Yeah Wow

BRANCOTT WINES - Production : Good Oil : Time Lapse sequences using an Alexa camera and simple Gerber dolly rig.

TAC PILLOW - Exit Films : Ultra Slow-motion filmed at 1200fps with Phantom Camera.   In real time this all happened in less than a second

BLUE MOTION : Volkswagon Korea. : Studio shoot in Sydney.  .

HOLDEN CRUZE : Production Visual Jazz Melbourne : Move created in 3D Max.  Timelapse and liveaction passes.

FUJI XEROX GUIYANG JAPAN  : Studio shots of Tony Leung, matched with dancers and backgrounds from Guiyang China.

VIRGIN AUSTRALIA LOUNGE  :  Post at ToyBox NZ : Multiple passes with changing backgrounds and CG elements.

KUBOTA TRACTORS : Post by Airbag Melbourne : Multi-passes live action and wacky composite elements.

2012 LOGIES RED CARPET : Production Nine Network Melbourne : Multiple passes with background Razzmatazz

MITSUBISHI FRIDGE :  Production The DMCI Sydney : Multiple passes with set changes.

Light Weight "Gerber Rig" - Dolly Pan Tilt for Arri and Red etc.

Runs on standard grips track.  On location in Guiyang China for Japanese TVC or in the studio...

Gerber In China

Gerber Heavy Duty Pan Tilt head....

BFG Crane rig in the studio for Korean VW BlueMotion TVC ....

Other options are available including custom solutions for special shots. 

All equipment runs my own MANTIS software with complete control over motors and other events. 

Also check my VIMEO page for other interesting experiments.