Gerald Thompson

Cinematography & Motion Control

BFG - Motion Control Rig

Designed and built in Melbourne, Australia.  A flexible and fast rig for location and studio.

* NEW - Gerber - Light weight motion control rig for Alexa and Red! 

          * Recently on location in China for Fuji_Xerox Japan.

BFG - Motion Control Software

Fed up with messing with Arduino or DOS and ISA bus cards?  User friendly, powerful software runs on any Windows PC or laptop - supports 32 and 64 bit Windows 7,10 and XP.  Ideal for realtime, timelapse, stop motion and live action photography.

Mary and Max

My favorite gig as Director of Photography and Motion Control Supervisor.  Read about behind the scenes on this multi-award winning stop motion film.

Dancing Robots?

In 2007 I worked with visual artist Margie Medlin to create a humanoid robot capable of mimicking a human performer's movements in real time for a live audience.  Read about this fascinating project.