Technical Resources

Rutex - Small servo motor drives  Australian made.

EVA Robotics - Tiny stepper drives with servo like performance.  Use a small encoder on the motor for positional feedback.

Geckodrive - Compact stepper and servo drives.  Also a very good resource for technical information on theory of steppers and power supplies. (UK and Australian agents also available.)

Ocean Controls - Australian supplier of wide range of electronics, stepper motors and drives.

US Digital - For many years the prime source for reasonably priced optical encoders and electronic gadgets.  Cheaper non-optical encoders are starting to appear though...  look for CUI AMT102 as used by Evodrive...

Keling Automation Technology - Good source of Chinese made stepper motors and drives in the US.

Stop Motion Sites

Stop Motion Pro - Software used for Mary & Max and Aardman Studios in the UK.  

Windows only.

DragonFrame - Stopmo capture software from the US with lots of cool features for controlling lights etc.   Now also with fledgling motion control module.  Well integrated for simple stopmotion animation but does not allow realtime operation or previews.

Mary and Max - the official film site.

Adam Elliot - M&M director also has his own site.

Animate Clay - Site with lots of general resources for animators including a store with useful stuff.


FX-Motion - Belgian company builds remote dolly and virtual set systems - mainly for television production.

Micronite Films - I've worked with these guys a lot.  Commercial production and motion control.

Quartet - Margie Medlin's site for her live interactive media project

Calista Lyon - Photographer and champion discus thrower.  Lots of great stills online