In 2007 - 2008 I worked as Director of Photography on Adam Elliot's feature length stop motion film Mary and Max.

This film has won numerous awards and won over many audiences. 

Here's a link to an article on the Making Of - mainly from an animation perspective but the Director says such good things about me you should maybe read it!?

Read my own article as published in the Australian Cinematographers Society journal .  ( Download in pdf format / 1Mb)

Meantime here's a few of my favorite images...   just click on them to enlarge

Here's a clip where Max talks about Aspergers and words he made up...

Max talks about Aspergers from Gerald Thompson on Vimeo.

Sorry animators, the subway shot jumps a little because I looped it..

Please note - Colour grade is a bit bright in this clip because of compression - the stills are more like the actual movie..